When We’re Least Expecting It

In 1993, on holiday with her husband in Turkey, Barbara meets the handsome-though-troubled Mehmet. Back home in Oxford, Barbara returns to the stifling routine of her loveless relationship with her sociopathic husband—further foreign travel denied him due to illness. Mehmet and Barbara exchange letters. One year on, Barbara returns to Istanbul, alone, to discover whether the ‘spark’ between her and Mehmet is real or imaginary. But her beloved home town has a habit of following her around . . .

The people and events waiting for her are to have a lasting effect on her life. When We’re Least Expecting It weaves together freedom and duty; the exotic and the mundane; an exciting journey through passion, friendship, tragedy, love and loss, in search of
lasting contentment.

Dee Fitzwilliam is a well-travelled, level-headed and slightly eccentric Humanist who began writing to commit her ‘traveller’s tales’ to paper. Passionate by nature, she is interested in pagan and Celtic traditions, and is also an active human rights and animal protection campaigner. Besides writing, she enjoys photography, folk music, cookery, crafts, and spending time with friends—accompanied by good food and wine. Dee lives with her three Burmese cats in a Victorian cottage in Oxfordshire. When We’re Least Expecting It is her frst novel.