The Little Movements

What will the scattered little movements within a marriage bring—comfort and companionship, or the bitter aftertaste of indecision and a life ill-spent? Simon is suffering from an emptiness that he seeks to define and explain to himself. Equal space is given to his wife, Sarah, as their lives are shaped by a series of decisions and, ultimately, chance. On the other hand, J and Laura struggle to overcome the insecurity in their togetherness. They desire to find meaning and transparency within their relationship and ask if their future will be spent together. The Little Movements is a phantasmagoria of the emotions that are the quintessence of relationships. Simon, Sarah, J and Laura tell their own tales as well as with each other. It is a decisively enthralling read and one of the most fascinating literary debuts of our time.

Samuel Burrows studied Creative Writing at the University of Derby. He now lives in Bulgaria. The Little Movements is his debut novel.