The Fourth Passenger

‘A lovely novel . . . affecting and inspiring’
Shashi Tharoor, Author of Riot: A Love Story

‘A feel-good read’ The Bookseller

‘An inspirational story and a terrific read’ Publishers Weekly

Set in Mumbai during the Hindu-Muslim conflict of the early 1990s, The Fourth Passenger is the story of four women raised with traditional Indian values, whose partnership gives them the temerity to stand up against the religious extremism. Having reached their thirties and become disillusioned with their lives and husbands, their decision to open an urban food stand is mingled with their memories of a distant past when two of them loved the same man. But, in order to establish their fledgling business, they must contend with individual temperament, extortionists, ruthless competitors, and most importantly, the prevailing religious intolerance.

Mini Nair has had two of her books published in India. A postgraduate in chemistry, Mini Nair lives with her family and twin daughters in Mumbai where she was also born and brought up.
The Fourth Passenger is her first novel.