Spit Roast

When international celebrity footballer John Tao is caught with his pants down by the paparazzi will all things remain the same in the digitalised world set in the near future? With the Chinese economy dominating, there is no autonomy without privacy. John Tao’s highly publicized life constantly collides with that of a myriad of characters who come in contact with him. Be it the journalist who sleeps with him to get the dirt on him, or his uncle Raymond Lee’s quest making restitution for a violent crime he witnessed in his childhood. Revolving around Tao, these characters undergo epiphanic transformations and all through this psychedelic journey of life itself is the concept of spit-roast, where all the individuals are screwed over by life. Spit Roast mind-bendingly transgresses the boundaries of species, sexuality, and gender. We traverse the entire life of one man, woman, and beast, knowing no boundaries, and ceasing to conform. Wherever we go, wherever anyone goes, John Tao is incarnate in everyone’s life, spit roasting the central perk of a half-a-million-a-week salary. From his disturbing days to John Tao’s blissful retirement Spit Roast dissects a man and a culture on the brink.

Jason Lee is the author/editor of 15 books, with work translated into 12 languages. Previous novels include Unholy Days (also published by ROMAN Books), and Dr Cipriano’s Cell. Other books include The Psychology of Screenwriting, Lost Passports, Seeing Galileo, Pervasive Perversions, Cultures of Addiction, Madness and the Savage, and The Metaphysics of Mass Art. He is Professor of Culture and Creative Writing at De Montfort University, Leicester.