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Publication Date: May 2016
Price: £8.99 / Rs.295
Format: B-Format PB
Subject: Fiction

Amresh Singh and Adya Singh

One life is not enough for Ronny to prove the sanctity of his love. Thus deities render him a second life . But, what about the misfortune that chases him even in his second life? Demons are all set to destroy humanity and he has only one option with him, either to save humanity or complete his love story. He chooses to save humanity, save the earth. As a result, once again he is abhorred by his soul mate. He would have to sacrifice his life again, leaving his love story incomplete with his death. But, is it that easy? What about his girl, who has been crazy about him, and him alone? Can the demons ruin humanity? What is the compulsion of the deities that force a sacred lover to pass the acid-test again and again?

Amresh Kumar Singh is a freelance graphics designer and web developer. He is the Director of Koshi Pustak Mahotsav and the Jhansi Pustak Mela.

Adya Singh is the founder of Apprentice, a personality development training institute in Ranchi.

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