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The Mysteries of the Heights
Publication Date: July 2015
Price: £8.99
Extent: 200 pp (tbc)
Format: B-Format PB
Subject: Fiction

Rohan D’Souza

Tinto Gonsalves, is an aspiring footballer whose dream is to play for Mumbai FC, one of India’s leading football clubs. Even as Tinto’s father wants something else from him, he becomes a star in Shillong with his debut match. Here, as a football celebrity, he fights for the people who are suffering from the Government’s decision to build a nuclear reactor in their region. Tinto meets Prima Rosie, who helps him in his ventures and falls in love with her. Her music enables him to improve his game. Their life goes on in full swing when he gets victimized as traces of steroids are found in his blood. He also finds Prima Rosie in a relation with Salauddin, his best friend. Beaten at both ends, Tinto’s life becomes topsy-turvy. Would he be able to return again? As Tinto gets inspired by the life of Humayun, the unconquerable Mogul Emperor he starts his journey of struggle to prove himself to be invincible. This novel by Rohan D’Souza speaks of Tinto’s account to prove himself to be unbeatable like Humayun, who went on to become invincible in his determination and victory and inspired many generations with his story of struggle.

Rohan D’Souza was born and brought up in Mumbai and is currently working in Gujarat. He is a Salesian of Don Bosco. He loves writing, music and reading. My Struggle is his debut novel.

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