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The Mysteries of the Heights
Publication Date: March 2015
Price: £8.99
Extent: 150 pp (tbc)
Format: B-Format PB
Subject: Non-Fiction

Chinmay Rastogi

Robin is a psychology student who works as a freelance journalist to provide for himself. He is like any other boy of his age, who tries to balance his studies with a part-time job. However, there is one thing that differentiates him from the general crowd—he is the cop killer or ‘Copper’ about whom other people of his age read in the newspapers. He is the one who has killed four police officers in two years. Having lived a life of constantly trying to steal his mind from the things that exasperate him, Robin decides to take things a step further one day from imagining killing someone to vent his anger to actually doing it. The act is liberating to him and the after-effect is his wonderland. The police are hard on his trail, but he manages to be a step ahead of them. The hunt for ‘Copper’ gets fiercer, and Robin finds it difficult to keep things in order as he faces trials in friendship and love. Chasing Sanity is not a murder mystery that grips the readers with a constant surge of adrenaline. It is that unputdownable novel which looks inside the kind of mind that finds it hard to cope with the direction that his world is taking.

Chinmay Rastogi lives in Jaipur, India. Chasing Sanity is his debut novel.

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