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The Mysteries of the Heights
Publication Date: March 2015
Price: £8.99
Extent: 100 pp (tbc)
Format: B-Format PB
Subject: Non-Fiction / Memoir

Counsellor Tadeusz de Virion’s Own Stories

Narrated by his wife Jayanti de Virion

These short, mostly true stories are Jayanti de Virion’s dedication to her husband, Tadeusz de Virion. They are telling instances of the complexity of character. Most of the cues come off the clientele that her lawyer husband catered to. He had immense passion towards his profession and what he upheld most, over victory or loss, was saving of lives. He was also a freedom fighter. These stories are a commentary on the intricacies of emotions and crimes and a passionate dedication to the author’s one and only love.

Jayanti de Virion has been a model, an English teacher amd a lecturer at the oldest English language college in Warsaw. She was born in Calcutta and lived in Warsaw. She is the author of the memoir Totem Pole and the children’s book The Little Folks of Noddy Vile.

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