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The Mysteries of the Heights
Publication Date: November 2014
Price: £29.99
Extent: 150 pp (tbc)
Format: Royal Hardcover
Subject: Non-Fiction
David Rajan

If you are an investor and familiar with terms like venture capital, private equity, mutual funds, long only investing, margin investing, etc., very soon you will come across the word hedge fund. Anyone who has the idea of understanding the hedge funds invariably notices the complexity and opaqueness of this exciting asset class. Most of the books written on this subject were built upon only few aspects of this investment vehicle. The industry itself wants to be as secretive as possible within the constraints of reporting expectations imposed by investors and supervising authorities.

As an analyst who entered this field in 2007, searching for potential managers to invest with, David Rajan went through the same challenges before discovering some of the smartest investment opportunities hidden in the vast space of over 9000 hedge funds. His exploration into the hedge fund strategies and fund managers could not have happened at a better time than the period haunted by credit crisis. After five years of very rewarding analytical experience, he shifted his career to a more focused CTA quant analyst and sat to count the treasure he brought forward. And it was huge. In this book he His writingtries to show some of those learnings. As documented in this book, his knowledge would work as a jump-start tool for any analyst who is thinking of knowing more about this wonderful but secretive world of investment.

David Rajan is a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Financial Analyst. He worked as an Analyst in two of the world's top Sovereign Wealth Funds. Currently, he works as the Product Designer for AllSeasonsPTL Investment Management Limited, a hedge fund employing managed futures strategy.

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