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Yes, That’s What They Call Me Nobody
Publication Date: September 2014
Price: £12.99
Extent: 300 pp (tbc)
Format: Royal Paperback
Dhananjay Singh

In Horonces, anarchy is at its zenith. For the last fifteen years, the Mayor and Superintendant of Police are ruling the city with the help of drug mafia Carlo. But suddenly situations take a new turn when a masked man beats few of Carlo’s, and stamps ‘Nobody’ on their foreheads in first night. On the second night, ‘Nobody’ blows out the famous school of the city with few men of Carlo. When young Lady Inspector, Amara, is assigned to investigate the case she finds information about a scandal which took place in the past in which possible accused could have been the Mayor, the Superintendent of Police and some top politicians. But is there any connection between this scandal and the current series of incidents? As ‘Nobody’ continues killing people every night the web of mysteries become more and more entangled. Will this serial killer be identified? Yes, That’s What They Call Me Nobody is an altogether superb fast page-turner and a refreshingly unputdownable read.

Dhananjay Singh is an engineer by profession. Yes, That’s What They Call Me Nobody is his debut novel.

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