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Publication Date: July 2014
Price: £16.99
Extent: 350 pp (tbc)
Format: Royal PB
Anushree Jha

When Ivan stumbles upon a well-kept secret about his mother’s death, his so far quiet world comes crashing down around him. Thus begins his journey into the past in search of the truth surrounding his quiet, withdrawn father, his dead mother and Vihaan Thakur—a man hereto unknown to him but who dominates every turn in the past tale that is to lead him to the present.

Nevermore is a tale of unrequited love, destructive passion, betrayal and death. The complicated relationships, the destructive force of obsessive love and the lives destroyed because of it come to light as Ivan attempts to uncover the truth about his parents. Despite his strong prejudice and hatred against Vihaan Thakur, Ivan finds himself drawn to the enigmatic man who is responsible for his mother’s death. Nevermore explores the most basic and pervasive of human emotions—love. And alongwith Ivan, we discover just how far one would go to claim and own love.

Anushree Jha was born and brought up in Patna, India. She currently lives in New Delhi, India. Nevermore is her debut novel.

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