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The Wayfarer
Publication Date: July 2014
Price: £12.99
Extent: 250 pp (tbc)
Format: Royal PB
Shivam Satyam

Lost in the labyrinths of meaninglessness and haunted by strange dreams, Saraha’s life takes a new turn by way of a series of encounters with a sorceress, a mountaineer, a murderer, a village girl and a mystic.

Saraha Kibe is a drifter and an artist, desperately seeking answers and peace of mind. At his lowest point, he meets the enigmatic Saki, who makes him realize that despair is not a closed book, rather an unknown sense and a beacon for the way ahead. Although reluctant to trust this woman who delights in mocking his despair and confusion, Saraha overcomes his cynicism and allows Saki to guide his path. Following a series of signs and riddles, he travels to Nepal, hoping to discover an ancient civilisation that may have the answers he so desperately seeks. Despite being told that he is a madman on a fool’s errand, Saraha plunges on with his quest, arriving in a mountain village that seems to be locked away from the world. There he meets the wily and wise Sholomo, who has travelled the world, seeking knowledge. What unfolds, slowly pans into a classic tale of spiritual metamorphosis.

Shivam Satyam is a writer, artist, meditation leader and former journalist. Till 2007, he worked in television news as a producer/writer and then as a senior correspondent for a spiritual magazine, quitting it to pursue his creative passions of writing and painting full-time. He is presently conducting spiritual workshops around India besides painting and working on his second novel.

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