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The Lost Epic
Publication Date: June 2014
Price: £8.99
Extent: 350 pp (tbc)
Format: B-Format PB
Nisarg Vadiya

In the snowy mountain range of the Northern Himalayas rests the first ever epic, written on the face of the earth. With the epic rests a secret long lost. The secret lost for good. The secret lost for the better of mankind.

Bandhu launches the quest to find the lost epic unaware of the secret it holds. As his quest reaches its final phase, he realizes the gravity of the secret the lost epic holds. A secret that can change and shape the future of the entire human race for better or for worse. A secret so explosive that people are ready to kill just to possess the lost epic. Trapped amongst this chaos is a pair of journalists, Alay & Aanjalie, for whom the only way of survival is to find the epic against all the odds.

Set across entire India, The Lost Epic is a tale of murder, treachery, betrayal, love, hatred, hope and faith.

Nisarg Vadiya studied management with specialization in Finance. He is a banker by profession and lives in the satellite area of Ahmedabad, India along with his wife and a daughter. The Lost Epic is his debut novel.

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