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West Briton Story
Publication Date: April 2014
Price: £16.99
Extent: 400 pp (tbc)
Format: Royal Paperback
Subject: Fiction
Tom O’Rourke
As night begins to thicken two West Briton brothers, Rhuadrac and Cormac, walk with their kinsmen to a battleground. It is the eve of the Battle of Deorham; the year is 577. The West Saxons have been tracked for days on their march down the Fosse Way and it is clear that they plan to attack the British cities we now know as Bath, Gloucester and Cirencester.

For Rhuadrac the battle will prove to be the start of the greatest adventure of his life, to distant lands, to new friends and to the heart of a woman—an adventure that will forever link him to the Saxon invaders. He returns with a select band of mercenaries, men who have chosen him for their chief after many battles. He meets up again with his brother only to learn that Cormac is the pivotal point of the planned insurrection. By plucking one group of lives from a now-forgotten corner of history Tom O'Rourke tells a roaring hearth tale of friendship and family. With set-piece battles, a profoundly elegiac love story full of loss and laughter, the turn of the seasons and much more, West Briton Story is the finest historical novel of medieval setting of our generation.

Tom O'Rourke is married with two grown up children. He has a degree in English Literature from Cardiff University and in Law from Nottingham Trent. West Briton Story is his debut novel.
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