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The Mysteries of the Heights
Publication Date: April 2014
Price: £10.99
Extent: 190 pp (tbc)
Format: Royal Paperback
Subject: Fiction
Cyril George Joseph
Yousuf Yesudas, an aspirant of priesthood, revisits the heights to spend some days with the elderly vicar to gain insights into spirituality. A strange phenomenon wraps the heights on his arrival and he feels the throbbing of nature to reveal some mysteries through the vagaries. Yousuf stood in disbelief at the news of the posthumous sighting of his childhood friend Tresa who died under mysterious circumstances, and the unearthly creeper in full bloom enveloping her tomb. Mysteries, riddles and paranormals throw Yousuf into absolute turmoil, physically as well as mentally. He traverses tea gardens, rainforests, grasslands and lofty peaks in pursuit of the apparition. In the journey, Yousuf was shellshocked to learn of the cause of the death of Tresa, and the heights were on its way to witness the most horrifying face of nature.

Cyril George Joseph was born in India and lived in Abu Dhabi for seventeen years before migrating to Australia in 2008. He is married with three children, and currently lives at Springfield. The Mysteries of the Heights is his debut English novel.
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