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Suman Chakraborty
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Keats, John
'Ode to a Nightingale'

Milton, John
Paradise Lost, Book 1

Shakespeare, William
Twelfth Night

Sheridan, Richard Brinsley
The School for Scandal

Shaw, Bernard, Candida

Middle English Literature
Renaissance Literature
Restoration Literature
Literary Essays
How to write RTC (PDF)

Paradise Lost, Book 1 by John Milton

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AUTHENTIC TEXT (Each Opens New Window)

Paradise Lost, Book 1: E-Text (University of Virginia Library) in HTML, PDF

RELATED CLASS NOTES (Each Opens New Window)

Relevant Slides Presentations 2010-11 Batch (PDF) [Requires 1st Year Password]

(Each Opens New Window)

Darkness Visible (Maintained by Christ's College, University of Cambridge) [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]
New Artist Library Study Guide
Notes and Resources from Dartmouth College, USA
Paradise Lost, Book 1, section from Citizen Milton of Bodleian Library
A Paper from Sheffield Hallam University
Illustrations on Paradise Lost from St. Edwards University
Lecture Notes from Massachusets Institute of Technology
Paradise Lost Illustrations from University of Pittsburgh [HIGHLY RECOMMENDED]
A Paper on Paradise Lost and Beowulf from California State University, Long Beach
Paradise Lost (All Books) Resources from Dartmouth College
A Thesis from Texas Tech University (PDF)
A Paper on Paradise Lost from Purdue University



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VIDEO LINKS (Each Opens New Window)

A lecture on Paradise Lost Invocation by Yale University, USA

A Snapshot of Paradise Lost, Book 1 in Animated Video
The Main Theme of Paradise Lost, Book 1
Satan's First Speech Read by Ian Richardson (Click here for more on Ian Richardson)
Six Centuries of Verse: Milton 1608-1674: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


OTHER RESOURCES (Each Opens New Window)

A Chronological List of Milton's Published Works with Explanatory Notes
John Milton: The Milton-L Homepage
The Milton Society of America



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